Patolan's mission is to find genuinely high quality and truly differentiated investments that can add value to sophisticated institutional portfolios. While managers of such portfolios see a large number of outstanding investments, none of them see everything. It is Patolan's role to search out, vet, and make available exceptional investments that for various reasons have a lower profile than familiar mega-funds. The reasons may be smaller size, off-the-run strategy, recency, or a talented manager's focus on investing.

Patolan starts with a healthy skepticism about finding sustainable excess returns through trading securities and fundamental investing -- conventional approaches that are deployed by a vast and talented army, all vying for a limited supply of alpha that in the aggregate sums to zero. Identifying ex-ante the players in this game who have the ability to maintain outperformance over the long-term is a difficult challenge. Accordingly, Patolan favors investments that are not only uncorrelated with common risk factors -- an attribute claimed by many trading strategies simply because they time factor exposures -- but, more importantly, generated directly by activity in the real economy that is substantially independent of those factors. A strategy may also have a differentiating edge from a combination of sectoral, regional and thematic specialization that is objectively rare.

Patolan is currently engaged in several capital-raising assignments that illustrate these criteria, including investments in renewable power infrastructure with a premier global alternative asset manager; senior secured loans to lower-middle market businesses directly originated by a leading specialist firm; and Series A and pre-IPO rounds, respectively, for early stage energy storage  and growth stage medical technology companies.

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